Measuring wires

Use measuring wires

Measuring wires are used for determining the effective diameter of threads and the gap width of profiled components by the three-wire method. This measuring method means measurement of test size P between parallel measuring faces and determination of the effective diameter or gap width arithmetically or by tables.

Design measuring wires

Measuring wires are manufactured in two versions:

  • As short measuring wires with arbors for fastening on micrometer screws and indicating measuring instruments
  • As single measuring wires made as cylindrical measuring pins

Thread measuring wires are made with the most favourable wire diameter so that the test size is free of the influence of thread angle errors.

The measuring wires of chromium-alloyed gauge steel are hardened and lapped. Short measuring wires with arbors have the following advantages:

  • Easy and fast measurement
  • Higher measuring reliability and accuracy
  • No loss of measuring wires
  • No mixing-up of dimensions because arbor marked with thread lead and wire diameter
  • Suitable for measuring laboratory and workshop
  • Usable in combination with any commercial sensitive stylus and micrometer screw

Specifications measuring wires

  • Permissible deviation from nominal diameter ± 0.5µm
  • Permissible deviation from circle 0.35µm
  • Holder bore diameters of arbors 6.0, 6.35, 6.5, 8.0mm