Test pins

Use test pins

  • Bore inspection and measurement
  • Bore distance measurement
  • Setting standards for indicating measuring devices
  • Checking inside and outside tooth section
  • Measurement of splines, splineshafts, prisms etc.
  • Checking of measuring tools
  • Determination of width and parallelism of guiding profiles

Design test pins

Test pins according to DIN 2269 are cylindrical dimensional representations without handle. They are made of chromium steel and meet all demands made on them due to their excellent surface quality, high resistivity to wear, and sufficient noncorrodibility.

Technische Daten von Prüftstiften

Test pencils to German Institute for Standardization 2269 are a cylindrical dimension embodiment |

Permissible deviation from nominal diameter for test pins of 0.1 ... 10,0mm ± 0.5µm / ± 1µm / ± 2µm. Test pins of 4,0mm and more are marked with their nominal diameter on one end face.